Ten Beautiful Things

By Fiona Hamilton / November 23, 2023

Discover beauty in unexpected places. This book invites you to see past the ordinary, finding wonder in everyday things, including words.

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By Fiona Hamilton / September 13, 2023

So many things to go deep into in this beautiful fact-filled reference book. Why not go deep with word inquiry too? So much to explore!

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Never, Not Ever!

By Fiona Hamilton / August 16, 2023

Does trying something new leave you shaking, trembling or even sobbing? Pascaline the bat feels the same in this ‘first-day jitters’ tale.

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Mrs Wishy Washy

By Fiona Hamilton / March 9, 2023

Make a splash with Mrs Wishy Washy and her animal friends and jump into some word inquiry with this classic and humorous book.

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Ask Me

By Fiona Hamilton / July 20, 2022

What? When? Why? What questions do you have about our natural world? Take a walk with father and daughter to encourage curiosity.

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