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The Thankful Book

By Fiona Hamilton / November 9, 2021

What little things are you thankful for today? We are thankful for words that keep us thinking, wondering, inquiring and learning.

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By Fiona Hamilton / November 2, 2021

We want our children to use their imagination pretending to be animals that are thriving, so together let’s take care of our Earth.

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The OK Book

By Fiona Hamilton / October 26, 2021

You might not be an excellent word inquirer…yet. That’s OK. Be a noticer, thinker, and practicer and you will become a word knower!

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Drawn Together

By Fiona Hamilton / October 20, 2021

When we can’t connect using a shared language we need to find a way to draw together. And what does draw really mean anyway?

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Dog Tales

By Fiona Hamilton / October 13, 2021

Every dog has a tale to tell and every word a story. We’ve selected a few of our favourite books as we investigate pets and plurals.

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By Fiona Hamilton / October 5, 2021

‘One day we packed our bags, and we crossed a bridge as wide as the universe, bringing with us our gifts.’ Words let you tell your story.

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Actual Size

By Fiona Hamilton / September 28, 2021

Ever wondered the actual size of a goby fish or whether actual is part of the act family? Find out when you join us this week.

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Voices In The Park

By Fiona Hamilton / September 21, 2021

Four different voices tell the story of a walk in the park. Join us to explore the word perspective in this week’s book by Anthony Browne.

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International Peace Day

By Fiona Hamilton / September 15, 2021

Peace – pax – vrede. We introduce three books which explore this important concept. Dive into words while sharing the message of peace.

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The Dot

By Fiona Hamilton / September 9, 2021

On Sept 15ish create bravely and be courageous exploring words just like Peter H. Reynolds was in his Creatrilogy. Start with The Dot.

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How To Read A Book

By Fiona Hamilton / September 8, 2021

Let your fingers wonder as they wander… So many wonderings about words as you engage with this poem about the magic of books.

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We All Play

By Fiona Hamilton / September 1, 2021

We all play…a celebration of the interconnectedness between humans and nature. Join us as we play with words.

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We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

By Fiona Hamilton / August 25, 2021

You don’t eat your classmates but you do study words with them! Enjoy this lighthearted book while you look at the structure of words.

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You Matter

By Fiona Hamilton / August 18, 2021

Near or far. Big or small. First or last. You matter. Watch to find how words matter too in this great community-building text.

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Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

By Fiona Hamilton / August 11, 2021

What is a memory? Wilfrid learns they are an important part of our identity.

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The Word Collector

By Fiona Hamilton / August 4, 2021

People collect things…Jerome collected words. Watch as Fiona, Lauren and Angela walk you through this resource for investigating words.

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Lauren & Angela

By Fiona Hamilton / August 3, 2021

A mutual love of children’s literature, and a shared desire to support teachers to better understand our orthography to empower students to become ‘word noticers and word knowers’ brought us all together.

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