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It’s a Sign

By Fiona Hamilton / November 16, 2022

Just like the characters in this book, work together to investigate words. Connected you are sure to see signs of etymology and more.

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The Paper Bag Princess

By Fiona Hamilton / November 10, 2022

This fierce, clever character outsmarts a dragon and outgrows a relationship. Robert Munsch really outdid himself in this classic tale.

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Animal BFFs

By Fiona Hamilton / November 3, 2022

Uncover some unlikely friendships from the world of animals in this fun information text and discover more about words along the way.

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Pigs Make Me Sneeze

By Fiona Hamilton / October 26, 2022

aaa- aaaa- A what? A really great book with words to uncover. Much loved characters, Elephant and Piggie, investigate Gerald’s sneezes.

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Creepy Carrots

By Fiona Hamilton / October 19, 2022

A spooky story about Jasper who may or may not be being stalked by his favorite snack. Perfect for some creepy, carroty word wondering.

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By Fiona Hamilton / October 12, 2022

Learn some interesting facts and cycle back to your word inquiry journey through this literary non-fiction book by Nicola Davies.

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Infographics: Human Body

By Fiona Hamilton / October 6, 2022

Looking for great info and visual delights? Use graphics to learn more about the human body while sorting out the structure of words.

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Kipper’s Little Friends

By Fiona Hamilton / September 28, 2022

Kipper wonders about words with Arnold. Find a friend and do the same – you never know where your wonderings might take you.

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How To Heal A Broken Wing

By Fiona Hamilton / September 21, 2022

A classic tale with illustrations to study and words to inquire into. Build empathy in your classroom with this multifaceted text.

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Each Peach Pear Plum

By Fiona Hamilton / September 14, 2022

Word detectives, word collectors, word noticers and now word spies! Enjoy this fun, rhythmic book that reminds us of well-loved characters.

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A Big Mooncake for Little Star

By Fiona Hamilton / September 7, 2022

Join Little Star as she celebrates the Mid Autumn Festival. What words can you find that are good enough to eat?

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The Wonder of Winsome

By Fiona Hamilton / August 31, 2022

Join inquisitive Winsome on her quest as she wonders about her world. What questions about words are you bursting to ask and investigate?

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Nigel and the Moon

By Fiona Hamilton / August 24, 2022

Where will your dreams take you? And what words will you uncover on your journey? Join Nigel as he finds his dreams can be a reality.

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Your Name is a Song

By Fiona Hamilton / August 18, 2022

Your name is important. Names and words have stories; share your name and part of your identity with this great community building text.

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Hidden Treasure

By Fiona Hamilton / August 5, 2022

There are so many hidden treasures in our world and so many in words too! Enjoy this treasure of a book and the words it brings.

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By Fiona Hamilton / July 29, 2022

Stella was an explorer when she was small. Join her as she grows, changes and discovers her world and discover words along the way.

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Ask Me

By Fiona Hamilton / July 20, 2022

What? When? Why? What questions do you have about our natural world? Take a walk with father and daughter to encourage curiosity.

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Luna Loves Dance

By Fiona Hamilton / July 14, 2022

Luna loves dance, art and books, and we are sure she loves words too. Join us as we celebrate the new UK Children’s Laureate this week.

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By Fiona Hamilton / July 7, 2022

You can always count on a great book and the wonderful words it brings. Even better if you can enjoy it with friends, just like Abigail.

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Atlas of Amazing Architecture

By Fiona Hamilton / June 29, 2022

Structures and words, they all start with a base. What words will you build today? What bases will you use?

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