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Happy All Over

By Fiona Hamilton / June 13, 2024

What makes you happy? What everyday moments bring you happiness? A slice of cheese, a lick of a spoon or perhaps it’s a word or two?

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The Keeping Quilt

By Fiona Hamilton / June 5, 2024

What memories do you keep? What words match those memories? Look back through a family story and explore words that connect.

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All Kinds of Families

By Fiona Hamilton / May 30, 2024

Explore something that all kinds of families have in common – love. A love for each other, and of course we hope a love of words!

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Jasper’s Beanstalk

By Fiona Hamilton / May 21, 2024

This week, why not plant, water, and grow your knowledge of words in much the same way that Jasper sets about growing his bean seed.

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By Fiona Hamilton / May 16, 2024

Hop through the pages of this book and experience a plague of locusts and their aftermath. Learn about disasters while studying words.

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By Fiona Hamilton / May 8, 2024

If you are stuck with what words to inquire into this week why not get unstuck through the work of Oliver Jeffers and jump into words.

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The Most Magnificent Thing

By Fiona Hamilton / May 1, 2024

Magnify some words as you design something magnificent. Learning that it’s ok when things don’t go quite to plan will be significant.

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Bowerbird Blues

By Fiona Hamilton / April 24, 2024

What’s in your collection? Much like the bowerbird who gathers all things blue, we hope you’ll collect and line your nest with words.

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By Fiona Hamilton / April 19, 2024

This Earth Day discover nature’s resilience amid urban landscapes, celebrating the beauty of hidden wilderness and of course, words.

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By Fiona Hamilton / April 10, 2024

Where is a place special memories are made for you? What memories can you collage together and what words do you attach to these moments?

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I’m From

By Fiona Hamilton / April 3, 2024

Where are you from? And where do words come from? Think about identity, representation and traditions with this artistically presented book.

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The Good Egg

By Fiona Hamilton / March 27, 2024

The Good Egg is always good, so good he’s cracking up! Discuss the life lessons of balance, self-care and words with this very good book.

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Friends Beyond Measure

By Fiona Hamilton / March 21, 2024

What’s the info on your friendships? Discover how words and friendships measure up in this story that links infographics and relationships.

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By Fiona Hamilton / March 13, 2024

Be a jumper and jump into this text that will have you asking questions like what, when, where and why and of course noticing words too!

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Ambitious Girl

By Fiona Hamilton / March 6, 2024

What is your ambition? What makes you proud? Join with mothers, sisters, aunties, and daughters and proudly tell the world who you are.

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Salat in Secret

By Fiona Hamilton / February 29, 2024

A tale of faith and discovering the power of words. Join Muhammad as he learns to be proud of an important part of his Islamic culture.

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Leap Frog

By Fiona Hamilton / February 21, 2024

In this leap year, why not take a leap with a slimy, sticky green tree frog and see what words and letters it brings your way.

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Words and Your Heart

By Fiona Hamilton / February 15, 2024

Delve into your and others’ hearts with this week’s book. Words shape our world, let’s collect and use them wisely, with love and care.

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Yard Sale

By Fiona Hamilton / February 6, 2024

Words can move us in many ways. Saying the right word when someone moves is important too. Enjoy this journey of finding a new home.

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A Sweet New Year for Ren

By Fiona Hamilton / February 2, 2024

Celebrate and learn about the Lunar New Year with Ren. Discover new sweet treats, new family traditions and newsworthy words.

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