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In a Jar

By Fiona Hamilton / May 31, 2023

What do you collect and what is worth keeping in a jar? Find out what collections two friends move with them in this moving story.

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By Fiona Hamilton / May 24, 2023

Elmer, the patchwork elephant embraces his uniqueness and teaches us it’s okay to be different. Inquire into our differences with Elmer.

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The Speedy Sloth

By Fiona Hamilton / May 17, 2023

Slow or fast, first or last, race to read The Speedy Sloth and engage with words, letters and classmates in several different ways.

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Stick and Stone

By Fiona Hamilton / May 10, 2023

These friends really stick together and some letters often stick together too! Explore different letters in this tale about friendship.

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My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

By Fiona Hamilton / April 27, 2023

My cat likes to hide in boxes and graphemes can hide in words too. Explore this book – take a close look at the spelling of some words.

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The Lost Words: a spell book

By Fiona Hamilton / April 18, 2023

Take time to celebrate nature – and naturally, we encourage you to explore the wonderful words we use to describe all things natural.

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Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets

By Fiona Hamilton / April 13, 2023

Shapes and words are a part of everyday life. What shapes represent things that are important to you and what are the stories they hold?

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Spring Stinks

By Fiona Hamilton / April 5, 2023

Dislike something that everyone else likes? You are not alone. But everyone enjoys springing into word investigations with Spring Stinks.

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By Fiona Hamilton / March 30, 2023

What would you do if you really needed the loo but noone would let you jump the queue? Find out in this text packed full of rhyme.

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When Aidan Became a Brother

By Fiona Hamilton / March 23, 2023

Where do you belong? Who makes you feel like you belong? Aidan knows he belongs and helps the newest member of his family belong too.

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By Fiona Hamilton / March 15, 2023

There are so many different ways to enjoy and celebrate green. Dive into a sea of green and see all the word inquiry it brings.

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Mrs Wishy Washy

By Fiona Hamilton / March 9, 2023

Make a splash with Mrs Wishy Washy and her animal friends and jump into some word inquiry with this classic and humorous book.

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The Kindest Red

By Fiona Hamilton / March 1, 2023

A world of friendship, kindness and understanding is blossoming in this lovely book. Don’t just be kind, be the kindest you can be.

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Stanley and the Wild Words

By Fiona Hamilton / February 22, 2023

It’s normal to feel frustrated when you can’t spell enormous words. Join Stanley as he learns some new spelling strategies.

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Frog and Toad are Friends

By Fiona Hamilton / February 8, 2023

Celebrate friendship this Valentine’s or Frientine’s Day with two classic friends – Frog and Toad. What adventures does friendship hold?

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Hot Dog – Caldecott Winner 2023

By Fiona Hamilton / January 31, 2023

Award winning illustrations and alliterative words to investigate too. Location is key, as this hot dog moves from city to beach locales.

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This Is A School

By Fiona Hamilton / January 25, 2023

Your school is a community – care, work, think, ask and create together as you investigate the ways to write /k/. Be a word-noticing class.

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Every Month Is A New Year

By Fiona Hamilton / January 18, 2023

The New Year is celebrated across all cultures but not always on January 1st. Explore the base ‘new’ as you think about new words.

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The Snowy Day

By Fiona Hamilton / November 30, 2022

Wonder about weathery words as you dive into this classic picture book that captures the magic of winter’s first snowfall.

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The Very Lonely Firefly

By Fiona Hamilton / November 24, 2022

Delight in this tale but don’t take it lightly that all words containing light are related. Think about meaning and become enlightened.

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